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5PCS Drum Kit

Bass 20”X 14”X 12 Lugs
Floor Tom 14”X 14”X 5 Lugs
Toms 12”X 10”X 5 Lugs
            10”X 9”X 5 Lugs
Snare(wood shell)
     13”X 5”X 6 Lug

Hardware and Accessories
DHS-113A Hi-Hat Stand
DSS-113A Snare Stand
DCS-113A Cymbal Stand
DPD-112 Bass Drum Pedal
DTTH-6 Tom Tom Holder
DBL-04 Bass Drum Spurs
DFL-01 Floor Tom Legs
Drum Sticks X 1 pair
Drum Key X 1pc

Cymbals, Music Stand, Cowbell, Cowbell Rod, and
Stick Holder are not included, optional add-on


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